Glass and Iron Japanese Candle Stand {Large} (BACKORDER)

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Unique and beautiful candle stand made for Japanese candles "wa-rousoku".  The large 3 legged iron candle stand comes with a glass cover that creates magical atmosphere when the flame is reflected on the slightly uneven surface.

 Since the flame tends to get large for the Japanese traditional candles, this candle stand would be ideal for semi outdoor situation as the glass cover would protect the flame from wind. (Normally Japanese candles are not suited to use where there is wind)

Handcrafted by Kyoto-based glass artist Naoya Arakawa.

This candle stand is suited for Japanese candles sized #1, 2 or 4. 

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Measurements:  Height (including the glass cover) 27.5cm / 10.8 inch, Diameter of the iron base 12cm / 4.7 inch
Materials: Iron, glass
Made in Japan.

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