Garabo Classic Cotton Wash Towel

$ 10.00 USD

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Garabo is a 'nickname' for the first classic Japanese style spinning machine produced in 1878, it is a simple structure throstle frame that spins yarn at a slow speed. The cotton yarn spun on this traditional cotton spinning machine taking very slowly -more than 100 times slower than modern spinning machines- creates very soft textile with great texture. It is said that there are only 5 of these Garabo machines left today.

Towels created with Garabo spun cotton yarns are absorbent and since the rustic texture would cleanse skin while leaving vital oils our skin needs so it is also good for wash towels for body without using soap. 

Garabo cotton towels are available in two sizes: small (square) and medium (long).

Measurements: [Small] 30 x 30cm  / 11.8 x 11.8 inch [Medium] 30 x 85cm / 11.8 x 33.5 inch
Material: 100% Cotton
Made in Japan

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