Branch Coffee Spoons {Hinoki}

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A beautiful collection of hand crafted spoons created with branches keeping the original shapes and characteristics of each wood. Using only locally grown and harvested wood in Japan, the Nagano based artist and furniture designer Ibuki Kaiyama of Atelier hi creates unique and precious pieces of artisan spoons making even the distorted shapes and knots of the branches part of the art as well as making each spoon a completely unique piece.

These large size spoons with short handles are great for scooping coffee beans, it measures 9-10g of coffee beans and it would look great in the glass jar. 

Both of these spoons are made of Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) and have lovely contrast in colours of its unique grains and knots. The angles, shapes and thickness are of characteristics of the natural branches.

All of these spoons are made using natural wood and created with the Greenwood technique, finished with oil. Each spoon will be packaged with a fine cotton cloth perfect for gifting.

 [A] diameter approximately 6 cm / 2.36", handle 5cm / 2"
 [B] diameter approximately 6 cm / 2.36", handle 4cm / 1.6"
Material: Hinoki Japanese Cypress (Cupressaceae Chamaecyparis obutusa)

Made in Japan


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