Bamboo Weaving Pattern Decorations

$ 15.00 USD

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The weaving techniques of bamboo crafts are called ’Henso' (編組)- literally weaving types - and they are used to weave bamboo baskets, sometimes multiple of different weaves are combined together to create more complex and unique products.

A bamboo craft artist Tamotsu Nishimoto produces beautiful bamboo baskets in Beppu, Oita prefecture where is the number one producer of madake Japanese timber bamboo. Beppu bamboo ware is a governmentally designated traditional craft of Oita. While we are waiting for his bamboo basket handbags, Mr. Nishimoto has sent us some of these beautiful decorations that he has created using the Henso weaving patterns. There is only one of each pattern, it is all different sizes but all beautiful. 


Measurements (Approximately): 15~17cm x 15~17cm 
Materials: Bamboo
Handcrafted in Oita, Japan


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