[SOLD OUT] Aya Yamanobe Ceramic Mug Round {Garden Party}

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Japanese ceramic tea cup by Aya Yamanobe with hand painted motifs themed at "garden party" such as girl, horse, bird, trees, etc that are often seen in Aya's works that she creates from her imaginations.  Enjoy the delicate and ethereal works of a young Japanese potter Aya Yamanobe, all carefully handcrafted by Aya herself in her studio in Mashiko.

Due to the nature of handmade products, please expect slight variations to the product images displayed both in patterns and measurements.

Measurements: Approx. Opening φ9.8xm x Height 7cm / 3.85" x 3.54"
Capacity: Approx 260ml
Material Type: Ceramic
Handmade in Mashiko, Japan

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*For items by this artist, we kindly ask each person purchases only up to 2 pieces per entire collection. (If you purchased 2 pieces in August and September unfortunately we are not able to take your order but your order will be canceled.)

*This item does not ship to Japanese address.

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