[SOLD OUT] Aya Yamanobe Ceramic Cup {Baden Leaf}

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Ceramic tea cup with hand painted enchanting red flowers by a Japanese artisan potter Aya Yamanobe. Any tea or coffee time will be an extra special one when sipped from this beautiful tea cup.  Enjoy the delicate and ethereal works of a young Japanese potter Aya Yamanobe, all carefully handcrafted by Aya herself in her studio in Mashiko.
There are two designs for these cups, one with straight line and one with round shape, sold individually. 

Due to the nature of handmade products, please expect slight variations to the product images displayed both in patterns and measurements.

Measurements: Approx. Opening φ8cm x Height 7.5cm
Capacity: Approx 210ml
Material Type: Ceramic
Handmade in Mashiko, Japan

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*For items by this artist, we kindly ask each person purchases only up to 2 pieces.
*This item does not ship to Japanese address. こちらの商品は日本の住所への発送は対応しておりません。

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