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This issue is a compiled record of all the process involved in chick culling from dressing them to how they are appreciate beautifully on our dining scenes. There are numbers of what might seem cruel images from the process of dressing chickens, which made the PERMANENT team ponder very hard whether to include them in the issue however in order to think of "eating" the act of "taking" lives of animals and plants is inevitable. PERMANENT takes it seriously about learning the "background" to appreciate precious lives beautifully and thoroughly without waste. (Translated from a preface of the issue)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE SOME IMAGES THAT SOME OF YOU MAY FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE SEEING. (Please also read the above paragraph translated from the editor's note)

PERMANENT is a quarterly small press magazine (A5 size) published by two art directors in Fukuoka, south island of Kyushu, focusing on food and dining culture and lifestyle while having the keywords "Make, Eat and Think / つくる、たべる、かんがえる" as a concept. Think from the simple daily dining scenes, how and where things we eat are made/produced, who are involved behind it - they interview people and tell us in this A5 size small press with incredible photography and make us think and inspired.

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