Kimiko Suzuki Porcelain + Gold + Sometsuke Earrings Small (Clip Type) PC02

$ 175.00 USD

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Dazzling layer of gold leaf will gradually fade and the subtle pattern created in the sometsuke technique (painting pigments on white porcelain base) underneath will start to show its face.

The new Sometsuke series by Tokyo based jewelry designer Kimiko Suzuki let you enjoy the changes each piece creates in time as you wear them.

These clip type earrings are paired with two different shapes but the underneath pattern will be the same in a pair. All carefully handcrafted by Kimiko in her studio in Tokyo.

Clips are gold plated on silver. 

Packaged in a fine wooden lidded box. Sold as a pair, one-of-a-kind.


Measurements: Approx. +/- 1.8 x 1.8cm (0.7 inch)
Materials: White porcelain / gold leaf / Gold plated on silver (clips)
Made in Japan

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