Ha-ze Sumac Japanese Candles {size #1, box of 8}

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Ha-ze (pronounced "hah zay") is a kind of Japanese lacquer tree that only grows in Japan and the wax squeezed from its wooden fruit has been used to make Japanese candles since the ancient times. Candles made with Ha-ze wax is considered most prized for Japanese traditional candles "wa-rousoku".

Ha-ze lacquer tree seed wax candles sticks are handcrafted by artisans using 100% sustainable plant-based ingredients with traditional techniques in Shiga prefecture by Daiyo established in 1914. These candles give very little soot with almost no drip and the flame tends to be bigger and brighter than modern paraffin candles.
No additives, sustainable, vegan and earth friendly. Sold in a box of 8 small candle sticks. Each candle stick has a small hole at the bottom and it needs to be used on the right size candle stand with a stick that is specially made for Japanese candles. These candles work with candle stand size SMALL (Koma Small, Ceramic Candle stand, Brass Candle stand, etc)

Measurements: Candle (Each, Approx): 7.5cm long, thickness at the bottom: 9mm  / 8 candles in a box
Material: 100% Ha-ze tree seed wax 
Burn Time: 30 minutes each. (approx)
Handcrafted in Japan.

Candle stand does NOT include. You will need to use candle stand for Japanese candles
Best matching size candle stands for these candles are:
Cast Iron Square Black Candle Stand Small
Ceramic Square Candle Stand
Cast Iron Candle Stand with a handle
Glass Candle Stand

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