Tsukigase Genmaicha Tea Bag in Tin Box (BEST USE BY DEC 1)

$13.00 USD

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Genmaicha (literally "brown rice tea") is a green tea mixed with roasted-rice and has a lovely green tea flavour and fragrant aroma. This genmaicha is grown in Tsukigase, a region in Nara prefecture that is known as one of the oldest and most famous producing regions for tea in Japan. Comes in convenient tea bags, each bag contains 3.5g of tea and there are 10 bags in a sealed package tucked inside a square tin box with a logo of a traditional company Nakagawa-masashichi-shoten from Nara.

Measurements: [Tea Bag] 3.5g x 10 bags [Box] 14.5×5.5×9cm
Material: [Tea] Green tea leaves (Nara Prefecture), Rice (Niigata Prefecture) [Box] Tin
BEST USE BY:  December 1, 2017
Made in Japan

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