Japanese Urushi Botanical Candles

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NEW FROM 2017!

Urushi is known as lacquer but it also refers to the tree's name, lacquer tree. Urushi Botanical candles are made with wax taken from the fruit of locally grown Urushi tree using traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen in Noto regeion in Ishikawa prefecture where is known as the home for famous lacquerware wajima-nuri. The wick is made by wrapping a dried reed around a washi paper cylinder, which draws air up and creates a large and luminous flame with minimal smoke. These Japanese traditional candles are called wa-rousoku and there are only a handful of craftsmen for these precious works left today in Japan.

Urushi Botanical candles are available as 3 different sets: a set of 4 urushi candles + 1 cast iron candle stand + brass candle snuffer, a set of 4 urushi candles + 1 cast iron candle stand, or a set of 8 urushi candles. Candle snuffer and candle stand (small) are also sold separately. Each urushi candle burns for approximately 50 minutes.

Measurements: Candle (Each): 6.8cmH/2.7"H (without wick)
Burning Time: Approx. 50 mins
Handcrafted in Japan

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