JAS Certified Organic Tsukigase Houjicha First Flush Tea

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Delicious Houjicha -Japanese roasted green tea- grown organically in Tsukigase region of Nara prefecture. Nara is one the best tea producing prefecture and the history goes back to the ancient times. Tsukigase is also known to be the region where the First Flush is plucked the latest in a year in Japan which is done in May. This tea comes from the tea field that takes it slowly and carefully in producing completely organic (JAS certified) tea from making the good soil. Beautiful aroma of the first flush can be enjoyed with some simple snack.

*English translated instruction on how to make tea will be included.

Net Weight: 60g
Measurements: [Package] 11 x 23cm (approx.)
Material: [Tea] Organically grown green tea (Nara Prefecture) [Package] Paper
BEST USE BY: September 2018
Made in Japan

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