Japanese Wood Sake Cup {Zelkova}

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A new series of wooden sake cups made with wood timbers that are commonly used in our everyday life in Japan: Sakura 桜 (Cherry), Kaede 楓 (Maple), Keyaki 欅 (Zelkova), Nara 楢 (Oak), and Buna (Beech). This listing is for Zelkova.

These mini cups are made so that the grains of each timber can be enjoyed in different wood and all are finished with Fuki-Urushi lacquering technique.
These mini cups are made for drinking Japanese Sake, warm or chilled, but they would also be great for serving nuts and nibbles. On the back of each cup, a Japanese character that says the name of each wood is shown as well as on the packaging.

Measurements: φ6.5 x 4.3cm
Material: Japanese Zelkova, Urethane (coating)
Handcrafted in Japan

Not suited for dishwasher or microwave.

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