Polkaros Kokeshi Pot {KAI}

$ 100.00 USD

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Polkaros Ceramic Pots are back at UGUISU!

"Kai was born in a dance troupe, and is free-spirited."

This pot is from Polkaros' 'Kokeshi' series. The shape of the pot is inspired by Japanese Kokeshi dolls which are folk craft art popular in Japan from the ancient times. 

Each piece is carefully hand-thrown on the potter's wheel and hand painted in the Polkaros studio in Tokyo. Packaged in a fine paper lidded box with certificate of authenticity and a coaster to place under the pot. 


Measurements: Approx. W6.4cm x H11cm 
Material: Japanese white clay fired to 1240°C

Made in Japan


Polkaros Website

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