Justine Wang 21 Days in Japan Illustrated Postcards

$ 10.00 USD

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Lovely postcards with illustrations from "21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Study of Japanese Cuisine" which is a collection of one hundred watercolour paintings created by a Canadian artist Justine Wong of Patterns and Portraits now based in Tokyo.

9 illustrations of UGUiSU's select sold as a set of all 9, set of 6 (tempura, bento lunch box, sakura & matcha ice cream, tonkatsu, vending machine and ramen stand), set of 3 nostalgia series (shaved ice maker, snack stand and picture story teller) , set of 3 street food series (vending machine, sakura green tea ice cream and ramen stand) and set of 3 Japanese lunch (Bento Box, tonkatsu and vegetable tempura).

Measurements: 10 x 15cm / 4x6"

*Original paintings are available to purchase from Patterns and Portraits store

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