Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - Hida Express by Hannah Waldron

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New furoshiki by LINK Collective made in collaboration with a London-based designer Hannah Waldron, this design The Hida Express is inspired by the a limited express train of the same name that runs from Toyoma to Takayama through the 'Japanese Alps'. Hannah says "on this journey, all sense of time and orientation seemed to disappear as we snaked, sped, crawled, ambled, rocketed and twisted through mountain upon mountain, every turn revealing rushing rivers and glinting waterfalls only momentarily glanced".

Furoshiki is a piece of printed cotton textile that can be used in so many ways. Furoshiki is generally and traditionally used for wrapping and carrying things but this unique and stylish design furoshiki can also be used for table cloth, picnic mat, scarf, or as a carrying bag using simple furoshiki folding techniques(also you can watch it here on youtube).

Measurements: 90 x 90 cm (35.5 x 35.5″)
Material: 100% cotton satin

Handprinted in Tokyo, Japan, with traditional technique by Japanese artisans.

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