Mihoko Seki Stationery Gift Box

$ 30.00 USD

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A box set of lovely stationery items designed by Kyoto based katazome (Japanese stencil technique printing) artist Mihoko Seki, and curated by UGUISU. Inside wax coated paper lidded box included are:

Pochibukuro Paper Pockets -3 small, 3 medium
Sticker (Napping Cat, Little Match Girl, 1 sheet each),
Washi Masking Tape - 1 roll
Label Sticker in a box
Cut-out water activated stickers x 2
Folded note card x 3
Match Box (toothpicks inside)

*Colours/designs of each item will vary per set.

The box will be wrapped with a piece of small fabric also designed by Mihoko Seki in a Furoshiki style ready to give as a special gift.


Measurements: [Box size] w16.5 x d11 x h2.8cm (Post Card Size)
All of the items included in this set are made in Japan.

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