CMY Paper Plant Pot Covers

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CMY (pronounced ‘shimmy’) are paper pot covers that wick water to change the color of ink printed on paper when you water your plants.
CMY when placed around a pot of the plant they wick up excess water from the saucer revealing a delightful color gradation over the whole cover.


* Ideal for plants that require much water.
* If touched before it completely dries, the colour may transfer onto your skin or clothes.
* CMY pot cover works best with the plant pot that is 9cm/3.54inch diameter.
* This product only contains the cover and not the saucer.
* The way the gradation will appear may vary from how it is used.

1. Build the cover by connecting the joints on both side of the sheet.
2. Place the cover on the dish and then place the pot.
3. Water the plant.
4. Pot cover will start to wick up excess water from the pot saucer changing colour in 5-19 minutes.
5. Once colour has fully changed, drain excess water from the saucer.

There are two styles, two different colours each.
 NAMI C100Y100

 NAMI C20M50Y100

*NAMI means "wave", the design at the top is available in wave or straight lines.

Each pack contains one paper pot cover which comes as a sheet, you can easily build it yourself.

When this item is purchased with other items, it may be shipped separately.

Measurements: [Package Size] W165×H410mm [Cover when built] Top opening φ130mm / 5.11inch, φ at the bottom 90mm / 3.54inch, Height 107mm / 4.21inch
Designer: Yuma Harada
Material: Paper
Made in Japan

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