Essential Oil {Kabosu Citrus}
Essential Oil {Kabosu Citrus}
Essential Oil {Kabosu Citrus}
Essential Oil {Kabosu Citrus}

Essential Oil {Kabosu Citrus}

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Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori - literally means 'June the 8th Forest' is a lifestyle brand by Hisatsune Sanrin a forestry company from Oita prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. Hisatsune Sanrin cares about the forest and its environment and tries to keep the Japanese forest alive for generations. The Rokugatsu-Yohka no Mori products are made with scraps of timber, branches, leaves etc that are organically grown in their forest in Oita. 

This essential oil has been steam distilled from locally and organically grown Kabosu ( Citrus sphaerocarpa or Japanese Lemon) from Oita where Hisatsune Sanrin is based - Kabosu are almost exclusively grown in Oita prefecture. It has a refreshing scent and gives you a relaxed and calming feel. It helps to improve your blood circulation, and it has great antibacterial and  antioxidant properties.

Use in your essential oil diffuser, it would blend well with any wood or citrus essential oil. Mix a few drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon of natural salt to make bath salt. Drop the oil onto a small cloth or paper to make a sachet and keep it in the drawer or in your bag, etc.

Binominal Name:  Citrus sphaerocarpa
Extracted Parts: Pericarp of fruits

Ingredients: 100% Steam-distilled Kabosu essential oil
Harvested in Yabakei area in Nakatsu-shi, Oita prefecture
Size: 3ml
Made in Oita, Japan