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‘Airvase 24 COLORS’ is a new series containing airvases of 24 colors that are particularly beautiful when spread open, selected from 120 colors of NT RASHA paper from Tokyo's paper specialty store TAKEO. You can enjoy drawing pictures or make shapes freely as you would with origami or drawing paper. Create surreal shapes by layering two or more AIRVASEs together. 

Designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS of Tokyo, Airvase is a paper container that can be stretched into a vase, plate or bowl that enfolds air. It comes as a flat sheet of paper with perforations so that you can pull up each side into the preferred shape.

Sold as a set of 24 solid colour Airvases, both sides are same one colour. Packaged in a paper box, plastic free.

See the amazing movie of how AIRVASE works here.

Measurements: φ193mm (Package Size: 200mm x 200mm x 10mm)
Material: Paper
Made in Japan

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