Letterpress Grid Washi Paper

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Letterpress grid paper made of beautiful Japanese traditional washi paper from Tosa which is known as the land of paper being the main producing center of both material plants and handmade paper.
This style of paper is called Genkō yōshi which directly translates to "manuscript paper" and is a type of Japanese paper printed with squares, each square designed to accommodate a single Japanese character or punctuation mark. This type of paper has been used for all types of manuscript writing (essays, creative writing, news writing and so on) but it is now becoming rare to find these since people do not write on paper when they work any more, naturally. These paper would be great to use as letter paper or gift wrapping, to make the gift a special one!


Measurements: 27 ×19.5cm x 15 sheets
Designed and produced by TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS.
Made in Japan.

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