Tosa Washi Paper in Hinoki Wooden Lidded Box

$39.00 USD

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Japanese Cypress (hinoki) is one of the world's top quality wooden materials and Shimanto Hinoki is considered the best among all. Shimanto Hinoki grows alonside the Shimanto River in Kouchi Prefecture, Shikoku island. Hinoki has beautiful fragrance and over time the scent will stay on each paper inside.

The box comes as a set with 100 sheets of Japanese washi paper notes inside.

Designed by Naoya Takemura of TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS, made by artisans of traditional washi paper in Kochi.

Measurements: Box size: 10.5×22.0cm / Paper: 8.5 ×19.0cm (100 Sheets)
Made in Japan.

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