Shirayuki Squalane Moisture Towel

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Marshmallow soft Shirayuki squalane moisture towel is made with the natural squalane oil woven in the fiber which has high moisture retaining property and is very gentle for your delicate skin.

The towel is great to use as washcloth, just wet the towel with warm water and rubbing it gently (or more like wiping) against your body would remove excess sebum and clean your body leaving the skin moisturized. Soap can be used, however it is often better not to especially when your skin is dry so that it won't remove too much sebum from your skin. The towel can be cleaned easily with warm water.

Using this towel for facial steam would be lovely for beauty treatment and for relaxation in the morning and at night. Also good to use for removing make up.

Hand wash recommended to keep the texture long, dry in shade, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Once wet, the towel will naturally become flat and will not get back to the original look. Even after 50 washes over 85% of the squalane component will stay.

Measurements: 28 × 63cm (10.2" x 24.8")
Material: 100% Rayon
Made in Japan

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