Shosa ORIGAMI leather wallets

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*This blog post is from 2013, Shosa wallets are currently available for backorders only. Please get in touch with us if you would like to order the wallets other than Short size which is listed here.


New from UGUiSU - Japanese leather wallets "Shosa" beautifully crafted in Japan.

Each "shosa" wallet is made from a sheet of high quality leather, folded like Origami and held together by one nut and bolt without any stitches.

"shosa" is inspired by Japanese FUKUSA and ORIGATA which represent the act of wrapping, in the manner of Japanese traditions for expressing feelings of respect and gratitude.

The leather used in thees wallets are tanned according to centuries-old methods that take five times longer than modern varieties which makes the leather feel really soft and beautiful.


You can see how amazing these wallets are in this movie:




Shosa are available in Long Wallet, Short Pocket Wallet and Card Wallet in 6 colours. Other colours can be backordered and will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.




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